RowZone: a Great Indoor Cardio Workout for All Ages

Do you go to the gym and see the rowing machine and just walk by it? Or do you just use it as a warm up? Rowing is no longer just for the avid crew athletes or the cunning characters in House of Cards. Thanks to Rowzone, it is a full body workout for all ages.

Rowzone  is about a 45 minute to an hour class that works the entire body. It takes your boring running, elliptical or spinning routine and changes it up.

Rowzone has multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania and they even have a location in Texas.

The video above shows the rowing aspect of the class, however, about every five minutes or so you get off the machine and  lift weights and work on your arms, abs, and legs.

**As always I had to try it ( that’s why there is not any video of the entire class),however, I was completely surprised by what a great workout it is. Just when I thought I could not row for one more minute we would stop our rowing sprint and get off and do a mini circuit working my arms, abs and legs. If I lived closer to the locations I would definitely incorporate this into my daily cardio routine! If you can try this class!


Shape Magazine Brings Rowing Workout to the Readers

This is a rowing machine. Some use it and some do not know what it is for. But this machine has the potential to burn a lot of calories if used right! Photo Credit: Alison Mastrangelo

Rowing classes are becoming more and more popular and are popping up in a lot of major cities. Since I am not patient enough to wait until a class will come to South Jersey or the Philadelphia area, I decided I had to take matters into my own hands and do some research.

That’s when I saw the tweet that Shape Magazine tweeted about the new rowing workout, that you can do on your own!

The workout is easy to follow and they give you a cheat sheet if you need more descriptions on the different rowing moves and techniques.

I really enjoyed it!  Some people at the gym stared as I rowed for a few minutes then got off and did weighted lunges at the side of the machine. Then I continued to row for a few minutes, and then got off again and did planks etc. However, it was a nice change to my workout routine.

Try it out and let me know what you think!