Omtastic Yoga Offers Toddler Yoga classes in Colorado Springs

More information on toddler yoga:


Shape Magazine Brings Rowing Workout to the Readers

This is a rowing machine. Some use it and some do not know what it is for. But this machine has the potential to burn a lot of calories if used right! Photo Credit: Alison Mastrangelo

Rowing classes are becoming more and more popular and are popping up in a lot of major cities. Since I am not patient enough to wait until a class will come to South Jersey or the Philadelphia area, I decided I had to take matters into my own hands and do some research.

That’s when I saw the tweet that Shape Magazine tweeted about the new rowing workout, that you can do on your own!

The workout is easy to follow and they give you a cheat sheet if you need more descriptions on the different rowing moves and techniques.

I really enjoyed it!  Some people at the gym stared as I rowed for a few minutes then got off and did weighted lunges at the side of the machine. Then I continued to row for a few minutes, and then got off again and did planks etc. However, it was a nice change to my workout routine.

Try it out and let me know what you think!