Even Though the Semester is Ending, This is Not GOOD BYE

Although the end of the semester is approaching, I will continue posting to my blog.  I may not be posting as frequently I was the last several months, but I will still be posting whenever I get the chance to take a unique fitness class. With that said, if any of you (my readers) come across any fitness classes or trends that you find unique, please contact me or leave a comment and I will try to cover that class for my blog.

Throughout this fitness blogging journey I learned to go into each fitness class with an open mind because the classes I originally thought would be easy for me, ended up being the hardest.

Also, in case you just started reading or following my blog here are the links to some of my favorite posts!


Discover the New Workout: Surfset Fitness at Upper Level Fitness Taught by Corrine Schulthesis

Love surfing but do not get a chance to practice it all year because of the weather? Or have you always wanted to try surfing, but are afraid of the ocean?

Upper Level Fitness in Ocean View, New Jersey started Surfset fitness classes this spring. Corrine Schulthesis is one of the personal trainers who introduced Surfset to Upper Level Fitness and their clients.  The class costs $17 per class or  $150 for 10 classes. Each class is an hour long, all an individual needs to bring is a water bottle, wear comfortable clothes, and enjoy the class.

Karen Applegate Explains More About Aerial Yoga at Future Fitness in Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Karen Applegate, Aerial Yoga Instructor: Photo Credit: Alison Mastrangelo

Karen Apple gate began her fitness career began in 1982 when she took her first aerobics class. She fell in love with it and shortly after got certified to teach.

As the fitness industry evolved, she stayed up to date with the latest fitness classes and got certified to teach most of them. Eventually, she added personal fitness training and earned certifications from the AFAA (Aerobics Fitness Association of America) and ACE (American Council on Exercise).

Her love of exercise and movement kept her in the business, and the demand for both yoga and pilates professionals grew so she ventured and studied both disciplines. Applegate is now a registered yoga teacher (with the yoga alliance) and is certified to teach mat pilates and pilates on studio equipment. Two months ago she was offered the opportunity to become an instructor of aerial yoga so she joined a group of talented instructors and began the study to develop our practice.

Just recently she went back to teaching spinning classes and who knows what is next. Fitness has been an important part of my life and a career that has allowed her the opportunity to schedule her work around the job of raising two beautiful daughters.

Q. How is aerial yoga different from regular yoga?

A. Aerial yoga uses a hammock made of soft fabric as a tool to assist the participant with traditional balancing postures to deepen stretches and encourage greater joint range of motion in postures that might not otherwise be achieved in a floor yoga practice. The hammock lifts and holds some of our body weight and takes pressure out of the wrist, hands, neck and shoulders. Participants naturally move into proper alignment, achieve inversions without straining their joints and relax/surrender more effectively in the fabric. While aerial yoga shares many of the traditions of other schools of yoga it offers new options, variety and playful fun.

Q. What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

A. Aerial offers wonderful decompression of the spine and joints, it loosens and lengthens muscles, creates natural alignment with suspension, encourages deepening in postures, and the fabric leans into pressure points which activates blood flow and the lymphatic system helping to bring your body’s energy into balance.

Q.  What should a beginner bring and know about aerial yoga before they try it?

A. New participants should wear a top that covers their under arms and bottoms that cover their legs. They should not wear jewelry because it can catch on the fabric and they should know that anyone can try to enjoy aerial when it is taught properly.

Q.  What is one misconception people have about aerial yoga?

A. That they are not capable of attempting it. This, however, is not true. The method can be tailored to multiple levels.

Q. Who do you recommend can do aerial yoga?

A. Anyone who would like to reap the benefits listed above and who would like to try a very fun, safe and yet challenging variety of assisted body movement and still postures.

Q. Any other additional information you would like to add?

A. Aerial yoga classes are available at a variety of times every day of the week for both members and non-members at Future Fitness in Cherry Hill NJ.

Miracles Fitness of Rio Grande, New Jersey Offers Many Fitness Classes Including, FightFit

MIracles Fitness FIghtFit class is a co-ed class that includes boxing and kick boxing.

Miracles Fitness FightFit class is a co-ed boot camp that includes boxing and kickboxing.

Some students working on their fitness and kick boxing skills.

This FighFit class was at 4:30pm and they have different times throughout the week. Some of the students working on their fitness and kickboxing skills to improve their fitness levels.

Each sections had a description of the workout that we had to do for an entire minute. Great idea no pressure on having to remember the entire fitness routine from the beginning of class!

Each section had a description of the workout that we had to do for an entire minute. Great idea no pressure on having to remember the entire fitness routine from the beginning of class!

Groups of 4 go around to  every station and rotate every minute to a new exercise.

Groups of four go around to every station and rotate every minute to a new exercise.

Each station has four different exercises that you rotate to every minute before you rotate to a new station. Overall, great workout a must try!

Overall, great class love the unique twist of adding boxing and kicking boxing into a boot camp class. It is a must TRY

For information on Miracles Fitness check out their website.