Happy 2014! To Make a New Year Resolution or Set a Goal that is the Question

Happy New Year or is it Happy Resolution. It seems to me that the New Year  is always over shadowed by the daunting New Year Resolution. It almost feels like every time someone says Happy New Year it is immediately followed by the question, what is your New Year Resolution? Jeesh put me on the spot why don’t you. Honestly, I have never made ” a New Year resolution.” I set goals every year throughout the year and try to accomplish them.

A friend of mine made a good point about writing down work goals, personal goals, and spiritual goals you want to make throughout the year. This allows you to stay focused and realize what you have accomplished and what you have left. A big problem is some of us are too busy to realize that we may complete more goals throughout the year than we think. So make sure to write your goals down.

Finally, most of us regular gym goers dread the first two weeks of January because it will be crowded with new members who are trying to lose weight and get healthy for their New Year Resolution. Try not to be that person that puts down the new gym goers, yes it can be annoying but they are making the right step towards a healthy life. A little encouragement never hurt anyone. So be a gym buddy or show some one how to use the fitness equipment at the gym this year!

Hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year.