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Fitness fanatic, TV reporter and sports enthusiast. I love trying new and unusual fitness classes and products. My goal is to stay in great shape without getting bored. I have tried your typical Yoga, Zumba and Pilates and those activities are all great, however, I look to find more.

I am an athlete and love to be challenged. My goal is to find the newest and most unique fitness classes and tell you more about them. This way you can change up your everyday fitness routine or try a new activity that you may not have heard of before.

Throughout this fitness journey, I will report to you on the newest classes and products and give you an inside look at what they involve and what you need. Trying new classes can be scary, what do I bring, what should I wear, by following my blog you will know exactly what you need so the stress of trying a new class or fitness product is diminished. Throughout this blog if there is ever a time that you have a class or product that you think would be interesting for me to try, tweet it at @AlisonMFox21 or LIKE and post a comment to my facebook page.


Trying new fitness equipment. Pictured: Alison Mastrangelo


One thought on “About

  1. IMHO, A.M. is the prettiest sportscaster in CO (and beyond…). As a long-time COS resident and media watcher — and I hope I’m wrong here — I predict that she will be moving above and beyond the COS TV market before too long…

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