Upcoming Unique Fitness Classes and Trends to Look Out For in 2013


Depending on how creative your boot camp trainer is, they might make you do something unusual like move cars with proper supervision of course. Photo Credit. Alison Mastrangelo

1.    Have you been curious about Twerking, well now there is a class to get your Twerk on like Miley.

Thanks to Miley Cyrus, Twerking is on the rise. According to the Oxford Dictionary “twerking is a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” So why not make a fitness class dedicated on how to Twerk. The class is called Twerkshop and will be in Philadelphia.

It will be a 90minute fitness workshop that focuses on the basics of how to Twerk and then progress as the class goes on. Since Twerking can be considered sexual the class is for men and women that are 18 years old and up. I would LOVE to try this but will be away, but it is definitely a unique workout class. So if you get to go let me know how it is maybe they will have another I can attend.

2.    Five fitness trends in 2013 to watch out for

The one class that specifically spoke to me was the new fitness trend called Pound. It involves drumsticks and your entire workout/performance is like a jam out session, which could be fun since you are burning calories. I wish there was a pound class near me to try. Trust me I am on the lookout for it

They also mention Crossfit, which I have wanted to try, so stay tuned because I will hopefully will get to do a post on it soon!  What I like about this is that companies like Reebok and Adidas are offering classes to their employees to keep them in shape and healthy, hopefully this trend will continue to other companies.

3.    Rowing classes are the new IT workout.

You know that rowing machine that you see at the gym. Some people use it or the crew team uses it. Sometimes I might use it as a warm up. However, some are saying just by taking a twenty- minute rowing class you can burn a lot of calories just like a cycling class if not more.  So far this workout is featured in rowing studios or in other gyms like Equinox so be certain that I am searching for one to try near me.

4.    33 New fitness classes, I wish I could do them all

Here are just a few  fitness classes that spoke to me as I went through the  long list of new fitness classes to try in the top major cities.

  • Butifitness this class focuses on lifting that booty and right now it is just in LA but it’s a mix of yoga, strength training, and tribal dancing. Sounds like a great time.
  • Chicagos Caveman workout will have you moving tires, throwing sand bags, carrying an empty keg up stairs and so much more. This sounds challenging and awesome at the same time.
  • For all the New Yorkers the Brooklyn Bridge Workout sounds intense. You will do a full body workout using the entire length of the 2.2 mile bridge. I might have to take a trip up. I wonder what they do in the winter?

5.    13 fitness trends too look out for

Here’s a brief sampling of some of the workout trends you may or may not have heard of.

  • Boot Camps can range depending on the gym and the type of boot camp, but no matter what, a boot camp is always a good workout.
  • Fusion Classes-, which is two exercises, mixed into one. For example Pilates and Boxing equals a Piloxing class or Yoga and Pilates makes Yogalates.

Experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga in Stone Harbor’s Back Bay



Warrior 1 pose Photo Credit: Stef Desatnick

Let me first explain that I am an avid surfer and when I read about SUP Yoga in a magazine  I knew I had to try it. I have been paddle boarding before in South Jersey’s back bays, to Florida’s oceans, and have even paddle boarded in Kauai, Hawaii. But I did not know of anywhere close where I could try paddle boarding yoga until now.

 Anjali power yoga has yoga studios all over South Jersey and in Philadelphia. Stef Desatnick, who has been teaching yoga for two years saw a picture of SUP Yoga online and wanted to do it immediately.

“I saw a picture of it and was like I am going to have a business for SUP Yoga and now I do,” said Stef Desatnick, SUP Yoga instructor.


SUP Instructor Stef doing the camel pose. Photo Credit: Alison Mastrangelo

The classes are an hour long, cost $40 and meet at the 81st marina in Stone Harbor, NJ. You should wear a bathing suit that you feel comfortable moving in and bring a beach towel and flip flops for after the class.

For the beginning portion of the class you paddle around the basin and get use to the paddleboard. Then once you get comfortable the entire class paddles out in the channel where you battle the wind, heat, and current. The key is to make sure you begin paddling against the current so that when you return you have an easy paddle back.

After about a half hour of paddling you return back to the basin to do the  yoga portion of the class. I considered myself an intermediate to advance yoga goer who surfs so I was thinking I would not be that challenged, however, I was wrong.

Performing yoga moves on the water, which is an unstable surface while fighting against the wind, heat and current is VERY difficult. Trying to master the smooth transitions from one yoga move into the next move with out wobbling and falling off your board was hard. A few of the other class members fell in fairly quickly and I felt that as I neared the end of the class I would be one of the few that did not fall in. Once again I was wrong.

During the warrior flow I over did my warrior three stance and fell right in the water! Thankfully the water was warm. After my brief swim I slid back on my board and right back into the yoga flow.

At the end of class everyone agreed they had a great time but were challenged not only physically but mentally as well.

“The hardest thing was conquering your fear and your mind. Once your get over that it is awesome,” said Kate McCormick, from Haddonfield, New Jersey.

“The toughest thing for me was keeping my balance and not compromising the poses,” said Regina Ricci,” from Gloucester Township.

“Trying to find your balance was the hardest thing but once you find your balance its just like regular yoga but in water,” said Natalie Feola, from Gloucester Township.

I have to say that I am definitely impressed by SUP Yoga and will definitely go again! Next time during the warrior three pose I WILL NOT fall in! If you want to try SUP Yoga for yourself you have until the end of September otherwise you will have to wait until next summer.


My name is Alison Mastrangelo and I am a fitness model and fitness fanatic. I love trying the newest and latest fitness classes, sports and products. I often get bored easily and I am always looking to change up my fitness routine.

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Some examples of classes I will be covering are SUP Yoga, SURFSET Fitness and others. Throughout this blog if there is ever a time that you have a class or product that you think would be interesting for me to try, tweet it at @fit_nique or post a comment.